We are not an “US” without a “YOU”!!!
We have been serving the central valley of California since 1967 with the best quality lift trucks period! We want to thank our customers, and if you are just joining us, thank you in advance for helping us keep our legacy growing.

With our growing business we continue to give back to our communities. We believe that giving back to the communities that have helped us grow over the many years is the best way for us to say thank you to everyone and show that the efforts of the many people in our area do not go unrecognized. Whether times are tough, or times are good… It is always important to never forget those that need you most.

We are proud to call those we serve not just customers, but honored guests and family. With your amazing support, we will continue to give our best.

Mission Statement
To impress customers and employees with top quality products and service at a reasonable expense and enhance bottom line integrity.

Company Team Values

  • Top Quality – Do it right the first time.
  • Training and Development of the Team
  • Truth – Deal with everyone in the organization and our customers at a high level of integrity and honesty
  • Innovation – We will develop creative strategies to effectively implement change positively. “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”
  • Cleanliness – We are involved in maintaining high cleanliness standards by implementing a hands on approach to keeping the dealership clean.
  • Service – Optimum response time – focusing all resources on solving employee and customer problems.